Andon Cal System

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                   Andon Call system is the conveyor based system, used to fit the components in the cars before the product delivered. This phase is the last inspection phase of the car production phase. Here the cars will be carried by the conveyor. The operators will fix the components in the car. For that, they need materials. In this phase, there are nine stations. Each station has three push buttons. Material call, line stop and flexi call. It is automatic start and stop provisioned system. So it will start and stop according to the time set by the operator.
                      Interface CPU module is the main controller. And HMI is used to display the status of the system. From that you can control the system also. The communication sub net is Ethernet. From this system, the order conveyor system is linked and controlled. As we said earlier, in this system we have nine stations. The indication is also provided for each station to display which push button is pressed and all that. For emergency we have two stations to know the status of the emergency buttons. Safety relay is provided to ensure the safe operation of the whole system.


Control components
Programmable logic controller
Energy Meter
Safety relayPower
control components
Fuse termina
lPower supply
Input/output components
Push button
Indication lamp
Revolving lamp
Tower light


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.ACS 01

DELIVER DURATION       :       10 DAYS