Automatic weighing and packaging machine

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The automatic weighing machine has adopted the newly developed design of almost approaching zero weighing error with high accuracy and stability.
■ The feeding speed can be adjusted itself automatically by an micro-sensor device which can meet with zero scaling error.
■ Automatically dispense, open and seal pre-made bags-on-a-roll, providing highly efficient bag packaging operations.
■ An exclusive design that the plastic bag is fed from bottom to top.
■ Both bottom and top sides can be sealed for enhancing strength and better appearance.
■ The plastic bag can be afforded up to 5kg of weight.
■ The machine can be added with sound redeced device.
■ A wide variety of optional equipments are provided according to customers’ special needs.
■ Suitable for packaging products in bulk, rolling parts, and small amounts.
■ Products suited for this machine include: general industrial parts, parts for electronics & electric engineering, DIY products, mixed parts, furniture-use items, flatware, etc.
- Cables and connectors
- Screw & Hardware
- Auto & Motorcycle Parts and Accessories
- Bicycles, Parts & Accessories
- Repair Tool Kits and Production
- Computer Parts, Components, and Accessories
- Rubber and plastic production
- Electronic Components & Parts
- Furniture
- Toys, Baby & Pet Products
- Clocks, Watches & Parts
- Sporting & Leisure Goods
- House ware & Kitchenware
Packaging material: PE, PP plastic bag


Technical Specifications


Pouch Length 450mm 500mm 700mm 120mm
Pouch Width 600mm 750mm 1000mm 200mm
Pouch Model Pillow Type, Gusseted, Whole Pouch Pillow Type, Gusseted Pillow Type Pillow Type, 3Side bag, 4Side bag, Chain bag
Hopper Capacity 30Lit 50Lit 1000Lit 25Lit
Filling Range 1-2kg 1-2gram 5-10Kg 1-25gram
Filling Accuracy ±0.3 to 1% ±0.3 to 1% ±0.3 to 1% ±0.1 to 1%
Power 10KW 12KW 15KW 6KW
Air Consumption Maximum 10bar Maximum 12bar Maximum 6bar Maximum 8bar
Material SS (or) MS SS (or) MS SS / MS/Anti cordial aluminium SS / MS/Anti cordial aluminium
Machine Dimension-LxBxH (mm) 2400x1300x2800 3200x1800x3500 2500x1500x3500 1700x1050x2300
Machine Weight Maximum 1.5Ton Maximum 3 Ton Maximum 4 Ton Maximum 1.5 Ton


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.TTPM 01

DELIVER DURATION       :       30 DAYS

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