Safety Annunciation System
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The Temperature Monitoring System is a PLC and Xbee based system that is used to monitor the level of “Temperature and Humidity”. It will be helpful for us to maintain the level of temperature and humidity as per our requirement by continuous monitoring process. We can apply this system in the case of Parma and chemical products ware house which are required to maintain in a special temperature and humidity level to avoid the hazards. It is a 100% Control system so that it is very safe to use in an Industrial environment.
The number of sensors can be increased as per our requirement. The sensor is an L/H/T type which is capable of measuring Light, Humidity and Temperature. This system has been monitor the temperature and humidity level at 24X7 basis for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity level and we will get an alert whenever the temperature and humidity level will go beyond the set value through SMS as per our settings. The PLC is used to control the system the gateway to maintains operating level of gateway. We can able to assure the continuous data acquisition by two ways. The first method is viewing the monitoring page. The second option is SMS trigger method. We can able to view the list of temperature and humidity level with corresponding date and time by the report generation option.


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.SAS 01

DELIVER DURATION       :       10 DAYS

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