Biscuits  Packaging Machine
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Electronic photocell unit with scanning head for registration
Provided automatic in-feed conveyor
Sealing roller, sealing jaws, sprocket and knife tempered
The machine is noiseless & trouble free
Ink coding device & stainless steel covering may be provided on additional cost
Stabilized electricity required
Technical Specifications of Biscuit Packing Machine:


Technical Specifications of Biscuit Packing Machine

Machine Speed 40 to 100 packets/minute
Electric Motor 1.5 H.P. 3 Phase, AC
Transformer 50 Volts
Total Load 1.75 KW
Width (Min.) 40 mm
Width (Max.) 125 mm
Height (Min.) 40 mm
Height (Max.) 100 mm
Length (Min.) 75 mm
Length (Max.) 225 mm
Net Weight 1000 Kgs. (approx.)
Gross Weight 1250 Kgs.
Dimension 2290 x 1220 x 1525 (LxWxH)


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.BPM 01

DELIVER DURATION       :       30 DAYS

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