Metal detacting check weighers
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metal detecting chech weigher ultra


A modern production line must ensue high standards of quality control while minimizing operating costs. To this purpose, metal detection systems can be fitted with an integrated weighting system.
A Metalim metal detector is integrated with a dynamic checkweigher, creating a compact solution for metal detection, weighting and labeling problems.


Finish                                                                           :304 stainless steel with brushed finish
Typical Line Height                                                   :700mm – 1,200mm ± 75mm
Typical System Length                                            :1,900mm – 2,900mm
Maximim Weight                                                       :1,500g
Maximum Product Width                                         :300mm
Maximum Product Length                                       :425mm
Maximum Speed                                                       :120m/min
Capacity                                                                     :400 packs per minute
Supply Voltages                                                        :110 or 230V/1ph/N+E 50Hz or 60Hz
Air Supply                                                                   :5 to 8 bar
Standard Reject Options                                         :Air Blast, Pusher, Diverter
Belt type Flat                                                             :belt with quick release
Standard inclusions                                                 :Adjustable feet, Reject bin, USB socket.


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.CW 05

DELIVER DURATION       :       15 DAYS

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