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Nuclear Defense

Historically significant parts of the business, our activities in this area have been re-invigorated of late due to on-going research, decommissioning and new build activities. Over the years all of our PLC, SCADA, vision and electrical engineering skills have been used for a very wide range of projects, and we are always pleased to be presented with a new challenge. Our experience with working in highly regulated industries is well suited to this industry, with our quality procedures and documentation skills being key to our success.

The services that we are providing in nuclear defense industry are listed below:

Nuclear Plant Decommission
Nuclear Plant Monitoring


The project that we have executed in relation to a nuclear decommissioning program was related to controlling the environment in which contaminated items are stored. For this system we installed and commissioned effectively an environmental monitoring and control system, this ensuring that the temperatures, pressures and air control was always kept to within the required limit. This system used Siemens control equipment and was fully installed and commissioned by our personnel in full compliance with the rigorous quality procedures.

Plant Monitoring

We have executed several projects for the nuclear industries – both in relation to facilities that are generating and in relation to decommissioning. Due to confidentiality we cannot say much about what we have done, however one system that we installed was in relation to an active plant and involve the monitoring of key parameters within the plant. The system had a Siemens S7 300 PLC at its core with Wincc at the top end. There were multiple remote I/O outstations, each of these connecting back to the central PLC via Profibus. The Wincc provided the database for data retention, operator visualization, trending and alarming. The system itself was very straightforward and proved to be very reliable.

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