Mosquito Coil, Rusks and Applams Packaging Machine
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Conveyor length 2meters, with Auto Feeder
Speed 120 to 400 packets per minute, paper thickness minimum 25 microns
Packing Material All Type of laminated (B.O.P.P, LD POLIESTER, ALUMINIUM FOILED etc.,)
Packing Size   Length: 70mm to 300mm, Width: 30mm to 180mm,Height: 10 mm to 100mm
Servo Motor model ¬Å“ v-60, Rating 4 NM, 1hp, 2000 rpm Speed with break
PLC Model – SM200, CPU  224HPCN, R.S.485
4 numbers of 150 watts pencil cutter heater
4 numbers of 350 watts round heater Total 1850 watts
Proximal control, technomans photo cell unit
2 KVA Transformer
Dimension: length: 3700mm, width: 1200mm, height: 1800mm
Weight approx… 1200 to 1500kg


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.MAPM 01

DELIVER DURATION       :       30 DAYS

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