Auto-Flow rap Machine
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auto flow-rap machine auto flowrap machine auto flow-rap


The Auto flowrap is used for packing the produced products. It is built by means of micro controller based components. That is the earlier days control system. It is very tedious process to identify the problems and trouble shoot. The revamp of auto flowrap machine makes maintenance free system, lower down time, easy to identify faults and correct them in a very short time. This is based on programmable logic controller based system with human machine interface. It contains two servo motors and one AC motor. Out of two servo motors, one is used for end crimp and another one is used for side crimp. The AC motor is used for conveyor. Three heaters are also used for easing the crimping process.

The servo drives and PLC connected through the communication to reduce the physical control wiring. So many alarms are also included for safety purpose. You can monitor the input and output status at any time to identify the problem.


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.SAF 01

DELIVER DURATION       :       15 DAYS

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