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S5 Version                Training Details”Click Here”
We are offering special training for the students who have the interest in S5 PLC Training. On completion of this course the student will be able to:-
Systematically use the current Siemens programmers as tools for program generation, documentation and troubleshooting
Know performance characteristics, Component parts and Principle of operation of a SIMATIC S5
Programmable controllers
Fulfill simple logic controller tasks, E.g. Write Programs, start up the PLC and remedy errors
Master and use the basic operations of STEP 5 programming language
Be familiar with typical applications and be able to use them in practice
Know the different starting characteristics of SIMATIC S5 Programmable Controllers after a stop status
The ability to use a PC keyboard and Mouse to open and close programs.
Powering up and operating the programmer and programmable controller
Representation of STEP 5 operations in the form of control system flowchart (CSF), ladder diagram (LAD), or statement list (STL)
Logic operations, result of the logic operation, memory functions, counter functions, comparison functions, timer functions, arithmetic operation
PG functions for program documentation
Absolute and symbolic addressing
PG functions for tests, diagnostics and troubleshooting
Action in case of faults in the RUN status and faults leading to the stop status
Starting characteristics, organization blocks for cold restart and warm restart
Configuration, addressing facilities and performance characteristics of the CPU’s
Programming of program blocks, function blocks, organization blocks and data blocks and linking with the program structure
The theoretical contents are applied in practice by means of practice-oriented task and intensive exercises on the programmers and the programmable controller. They are continuously applied and tested on a conveyor model

S7 Version                Training Details”Click Here”
On completion of this course the participant will be able to:-
Identify the components and performance characteristics of the SIMATIC S7-300/400 PLC
Install a PLC system, including the communication cabling and wiring of I/O.
Use the various address types to edit, reload, structure and run a program. Document, test, and basically troubleshoot the control system and its program.
Diagnose and repair simple hardware problems.
Utilize binary operations, timers, counters, comparators, and arithmetic operations for program modifications.
Integrate and troubleshoot an HMI and Drive system within the control system.
Configure and troubleshoot Profibus DP nodes
A basic ability to use a Windows PC, keyboard and mouse to open and close programs, locate files, drag, drop, copy and paste objects. A basic understanding of electrical components such as switches and solenoids would be very useful.
Course Content:
SIMATIC S7 System Family overview
Installation and maintenance of a PLC
The SlMATIC Manager software package
Hardware configuration
Hardware commissioning
Block architecture and Program Editors
Binary Operations
Digital Operations
Introduction to HMI and Profibus DP
Introduction to Drive Systems
Program documenting, saving and archiving
Basic Troubleshooting

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