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Packing & filling

We are offering for standard product machines. Packing and Filling machines are important tools used for packaging in number of industries. Food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, petroleum and various other industries make use of filling machines in order to enhance the efficiency of the processes while reducing the time required for packaging of the products. Depending on the type of product to be filled, container in which the product is to be filled and features, the filling machines are classified into different types. There are machines used for filling of liquids, dry powders, thick fluids like syrups, pastes and creams, machines for filling bottles of different sizes and shapes, vials, ampoules etc. All the machines are again designed with variant features. For example some may be fully automatic machines with complete automated production features while few can be semi automatic models of packaging machineries which require manual help for the packaging process. All the machines irrespective of their design can give efficient packaging solutions to the manufacturers with various benefits.

Benefits of Machine: 

Machines used for filling can speed up the product filling tasks in the industries and therefore save a lot of time of the manufacturers which they can efficiently use in other important processes of manufacturing and marketing to improve the business.

The wastage of products is greatly reduced with machine for filling operations. The filling machines can efficiently fill the liquids or powders into the containers at a constant speed and therefore ensure constant performance for filling of products into containers at a consistent speed and quality can be ensured with these filling machineries.


Packing Types

Automated milk and butter packaging machine,                       More Details Click Here

Edible oil packaging machine,                                                           More Details Click Here

Shrink packaging machine,                                                                 More Details Click Here

Biscuits  packaging machine,                                                         More Details Click Here

Ground nut chukkies packaging machine,                                      More Details Click Here

Noodles and pasta packaging machine,                                       More Details Click Here

Chocolate bars, cake and bun packaging machine,                     More Details Click Here

Cotton and bandage, scrub pads packaging machine,             More Details Click Here

Mosquito coil, rusks and applams packaging machine             More Details Click Here

Candy wrapping packaging machine,                                             More Details Click Here

Chips and rice packaging machine,                                                 More Details Click Here

Tube and twin tube packaging machine,                                      More Details Click Here

Tea packaging machine,                                                                     More Details Click Here

Automatic weighing and packaging machine.                           More Details Click Here


A fixture is a work-holding or support device used in the manufacturing  industry. Fixtures are used to securely locate (position in a specific location or orientation) and support the work, ensuring that all parts produced using the fixture will maintain conformity and interchangeability. Using a fixture improves the economy of production by allowing smooth operation and quick transition from part to part, reducing the requirement for skilled labor by simplifying how work pieces are mounted, and increasing conformity across a production run.

Our Fixture Types

Indexing Fixture                   more details “Click Here”

Belt Fixture                          more details “Click Here”

Engine Rotation Fixture     more details “Click Here”


Check weigher & conveyor


The role of conveyor is very much important in Automation inudstry. So that we are offering conveyor service on a Turnkey basis. We can provide you with a full package to plan, design, erect and maintain your conveyor systems. We offer you the full service for all your conveyor system requirements. We work alongside reputable and experienced companies who combined provide the solution to every possible requirement that you may have.
We are a Specialist Conveyor Servicing and Installation Company ideally situated in Chennai, who can provide you with a professional, cost effective and efficient service to design, install, maintain, service or re-locate your Conveyor Systems.
We also provide spare parts and manufacture components for your conveyors as well as provide the support of a help line.
Industries we serve:
Mining Industries
Cement Plants
Mechanized ports
Sugar Mills
Fertilizer Industries
Food processing Industries
Refinery Industries
Power Plants
Paper & Pulp Industries
Concreting Plant (Batching Plants) Industries
Engineering Procurement Companies (EPC)
Steel Mills


check weighers:

Our check-weighers have been designed keeping in mind a broad adaptability of the product in different industrial environments and providing our customer with utmost accuracy for their important weighing applications.

The FALCAR-Series suffices as a complete weighing solution for the following Applications:

Statistical Process Control Weighing

Under / OK / Over Check Weigh

General Industrial Weighing

Vision Inspections

The ultra sensitive weighing units installed in FALCAR-Series ensure highest levels of weighing accuracy to provide our customer with maximum competitive edge.

Stainless Steel body, works equally good in both wet and dry environments. Also the hygiene standards ensured are easily the best in the segment.

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