Standard Product Overview
IntroAutomobile Plant ”Pharmaceutical


Ultra Automation has been providing standard products as per our customer requirement. Our engineers have done lot of R&D work for the standard products to provide the products to the customer at any time with 0 defects to set a bench mark to our competitors. We are providing our standard products in industries like pharmaceutical and automobile plant.

Automobile Plant Product

Indexing Fixture                                more details “Click Here”

Belt Fixture                                        more details “Click Here”

Engine Rotation                               more details “Click Here”

Testing Kit

Safety Annunciation System

Andon Cal System                           more details “Click Here”

Pump And Lifter

Pharmaceutical Plant Product

Slitter Machine                                                                                          More details Click Here 

Hoff liger Machine                                                                                    More details Click Here”

Punching and Packing Machine                                                           More details “Click Here”

Pick and Place Machine                                                                         More details “Click Here”   

Auto Flow-rap Machine                                                                          More details “Click Here”  

Auto Beam Press Machine                                                    More details “Click Here”  

Temperature and Humility Monitoring System                                 More details “Click Here”