Tube and Twin Tube Packaging Machine
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Main Features and Characteristics:
1.Equip with safety protection, and comply with firm
safety management request.
2. Use double feeding packing fabrication. Fast
packing speed, high efficiency. Covering a little
area. Saving resources
3.Adopt importing PID automatic adjustable
temperature controller to ensure the neat and
artistic seal mouth.
4. Use PLC Servo System and super touch screen to
form the drive control center; maximize the
whole machines control precision, reliability and intelligent zed level.
5. Touch screen can store the technical parameters of various products, on need to
reset while products changing,
6.The left and right sides can pack the different products with different weight and
sizes. If one part stops. the other part will not be influenced.
7. Make different bag shapes and punching holes according to customers requirements.
8. The body structure is made of stainless steel. artistic and durable.


Bag sizes: L: 80-300mm W:80-200mm

Packing speed: 2×80bags/min=160bags/min

Electrical source and power: AC220V, 50-60Hz, 6.0KW

Compressed air requirement: 6-8kg/m2, 0.3m3/min

Machine weight: 950kg

Machine dimension: L1800×W2020×H1700mm


Deliver Details

MODEL NO                        :      UATPL.TTPM 01

DELIVER DURATION       :       30 DAYS

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